Known English language publications that publish humor pieces?
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Well-known publication asked me to expand a humor piece, then rejected it. Now what?... Looking for English language publications / sites that exclusively feature or include humor pieces

Some months ago I sent a humor piece I'd written—as a respite from more serious writing—to a well-known US highbrow humor site/publication. The editor wrote back they liked it, asked me to expand it by adding two more sections, and resubmit.

I expanded it, showed the piece to a few (I believe) impartial and informed friends, who thankfully said they found it hilarious, and resent it. The editor rejected it, with a two sentence reply (!), saying they didn't find it funny enough.

I invested quite some energy and time working on this thing, and would like to see it appear somewhere, so more people can read it other than my two friends.

Based on cursory research, I suspect there probably aren't many left, but for what it's worth, I'm looking primarily for relatively known English language publications, with readerships, exclusively featuring or including humor pieces.

For example, on the higher end, maybe The Atlantic, Harpers, or The Walrus has a humor section. Haven't read them in a while; not up to date.

Welcome all suggestions, but am particularly interested in countries other than the US: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, etc. (Maybe some non-English speaking countries have English publications.)

If you're aware of any lesser known or more obscure publications/sites, that's helpful too. It'd probably be good to compile a general list for any future submissions.

Not to give away too much detail, but basically the piece is a kind of parody of the writing of a famous, somewhat prejudiced author with an idiosyncratic style, applied to an incongruous and funny subject. It's 2,300 words.

Thanks for your help!

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I'm assuming that you're referring to the New Yorker or McSweeneys, just to head off that suggestion? But the Walrus would probably be a decent destination. Otherwise, maybe Reductress? There also appears to be something called The American Bystander which started in 2015.

There are also Quora and Reddit posts asking for magazines similar to the New Yorker, which should get you close.
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Response by poster: Hey, I know responding to every post isn't good form on here, but just to clarify a little—

Yes, I'm looking for 'high-end' publications like that. But also any and all somewhat known and lesser known publications / sites internationally the hive mind can think of.

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The Spectator
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The Rumpus? I don't know if it's exactly what you're after, but in terms of reaching a target audience for a satire of a racisit literary figure you could do a lot worse.
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Maybe The Believer?
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Try out a free trial (or subscription!) of Duotrope and search for humor magazines. Their search functions for literary publishers are up-to-date, extensive, and granular. Good luck!
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