Resources for admins dealing with campus conservative provocations?
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Are there any guides or resources out there for university administrators and leadership on how to deal with campus conservatives, both individuals and groups, trolling and trying to provoke first amendment controversies?
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I haven't read it, but I've heard good things about Free Speech on Campus.
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The SPLC has a guide for students and lots of general but useful information - probably if contacted they could provide information for administrators as well?
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I would also strongly recommend contacting administrators at other universities who have dealt with such situations well. Given the whole climate, I'd be surprised to find anything more specific than shebookish's link, but individuals may be willing to talk individually and non-publicly. (Hopefully I'm wrong and other folks also have suggestions!)
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Where faculty have been affected by this issue, with stuff like the Professor Watchlist, it may also be worth reaching out to the AAUP for ideas?
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