Tin and Aluminium
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Shockingly, it's my 10th wedding anniversary soon and I need some kind of activity relating to tin or aluminium to do near-ish London at the end of June.

Every year so far I've asked this question, here are the other years

They tend to be more silly or interesting things to do rather than gifts to give.
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Happy anniversary!

You could always do a tea tasting, of loose leafs teas in the fanciest or most fun tea tins you can find.

Go on a bike ride - a lot of bicycles have aluminum in the frames.

Make a huge batch of y'all's favorite roll out biscuit dough and use tin cutters. You can get personalized biscuit tins on Etsy or similar, or design/decorate your own tenth anniversary tin if that seems a fun project.

(I love this question every year!)
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I just learned that hydrangeas are blue (when they are blue and not pink) due to uptake of aluminum.
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Not massively close to London but - visit the tin mines in Cornwall, make a nice weekend of it.
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You could go to the Museum of Brands and wallow in nostalgia as you admire the biscuit tins of decades past.

You could take a day trip to Hastings.

You could go in search of the sound of tintinnabulation - Westminster Abbey's cancelled its bell-ringing for the time being, but that may not be true of all of London's bells.

You could go to the Tintin Shop.
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Book a pewter-making workshop with one of the few contemporary pewtersmiths in the UK (West Sussex)
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You could go on a tour of Ravensbourne University, which is by the O2 in Greenwich. Why do I suggest this? Because it also includes a tour of the Institute for Creativity and Technology, which is an incredible building clad in reflective aluminium. The tour also sounds really cool and interesting.
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There's biscuit tins at the Reading Museum, courtesy of Huntley and Palmer, as well.
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(Thanks for the reminder. Just realised my 10th wedding anniversary is... tomorrow.)
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(pipeski maybe a quick heart made out of aluminium foil?)
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Was going to suggest a visit to the London Metals Exchange where there is still open-cry tin and aluminum trading, but it doesn't look like they do visits by the general public.
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(This answer is a cheat, but)
Spend time planning / day-dreaming about / looking forward to a future trip to Provence taking the Eurostar direct to Avignon. Why? To visit the lovely village of Les Baux-de-Provence from which bauxite (aluminium ore) gets its name.
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Airplanes are made of aluminum. That gives you broad leeway to book a trip for two anywhere.
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Searching on "tin jewelry" inevitability reveals that the free market has anticipated your situation. Some of the enameled pieces look good to me though they downplay the tin aspect.

IIRC, the Sturbridge Village museum (Massachusetts) has a tin smith who made measuring cups and other kitchen pieces out of tin sheets produced in Wales. There might be some such in an historical recreational site somewhere in the UK. Or maybe just a free-standing workshop.
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It might be tricky to find an event whilst lockdown rules remain hazy, but how about a private appointment at London's premier flute emporium to peruse the tin whistle sets in romantic high/low pairs. In exotic Croydon!

You could then wield your purchases in an online tin whistle beginners workshop. You could ask to be taught a simple version of a meaningful tune for the pair of you....

As a bonus why not travel to Croydon via BlackFriars station, taking in the fabulous Aluminium roof as you board the platform.

Then return via London Bridge for some shopping, canoodling and selfies within the modern marvel that is the new station: "All 15 platforms have been rebuilt to be covered by a striking undulating canopy of steel and aluminium".

Even the seats are die-cast aluminium!
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Tin whistles and lessons/Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing/Smith & Whistle at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane
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^missed: Tin Whistlers for hire
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chocolate is often wrapped in aluminum/ tinfoil.
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Response by poster: UPDATE!
Thanks for all the great suggestions!

We had brunch in a nice cafe near portobello road called "The Tin Shed" then later on dinner in an old victoria line tube train. (which was a 1967 stock, and therefore the body was made from aluminium).

I would recommend both places.
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