Like AskMeFi, but for decorating dilemmas?
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Surely this kind of thing exists, but I have had no luck in finding it. I am really awful at making artful arrangements of things - piles of books, groups of vases, collections of paintings, etc. Some people are just naturally wonderful. Is there a site where I can submit a photo of my terribly-arranged decorations and people can weigh in on how to better arrange them?
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I'd think ask me is the perfect place for putting a photo up for constructive comment and advice.
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Damn, it seems to be out of print, but this book by Leonard Koren altered my brain forever regarding arranging and arrangments. If you can find a copy it's a wellspring of greatness.

Also, I agree with unearthed, post some photos and I'd be happy to make suggestions. I'm pretty good at 'ranging (as my friend calls it).
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You're probably doing fine and just critical of your own work, but if you post photos, you'll get suggestions.
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Yeah, Houzz is full of people who will tell you to, like, move the lamp six inches to the right or try cornflower blue instead of sky blue.
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If you know what wonderful looks like when you see it then you are better qualified than most. You need help - or maybe just permission - to turn these instincts into concrete actions. Try things out and see what happens, like you would any other art form.

Also read the books it saves time
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The Apartment Therapist facebook group.
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This is my dream job. I bet AskMe would help with this absolutely.
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