getting help for someone in Denmark
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I'm in a small private group with people from all over the world. One member has confided in us that they need help - professional, help. I'm in the USA, without international calling. I don't know what to do.

I've tried adding international calling to my cell plan and they say it will take a day. I know what school the person goes to, and just want to send a wellness check to them, but I can't even get a phone call to the police.

I know this isn't a typical use of askmefi, but does anyone have any advice for how I could call the nordburg police and explain the situation internationally, or have any resources to assist otherwise?

Check to see if I've posted an update below.
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You can FaceTime internationally for free with this person, if that's an option? My husband does that with family in Sweden all the time.
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You could get set up to make an international call on Skype in just a couple of minutes, but I bet someone will be along with something more helpful to add shortly.
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International calling cards are still available, google search shows walmart has them, or buy minutes online
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Best answer: Memail me if you want me to call them. I assume you mean Nordborg? I won't be up all night, but neither will the police in a very small provincial town. Maybe you or I can call the police in S√łnderborg.
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I just checked and the police station in Nordborg is closed now.
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Response by poster: Hi everyone, I'm sure there's concern. I've made contact with the school (indirectly) and they said they would be taking it very seriously. That's all we can hope for.
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Response by poster: Second update, I think we were just in time. The teachers found him, notified his parents, etc. Denmark should be good at handling this kind of thing. Thank you so much.
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Oh wow, bbqturtle. Great job!
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Oh, I'm so glad. Well done.
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