Luggage storage in Portland, Maine
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Mr Joleta and I are returning to Portland, Maine on July 10 from an American Cruise Lines cruise. All passengers need to be off the ship by 8:30am, but our plane doesn't leave until 2pm.

ACL will provide only one shuttle to the airport, at 8:30 am. We really don't want to sit in the airport for five hours.

Is there any way we can explore a bit of Portland for a few hours without dragging our luggage with us? My husband's idea is to take the ACL shuttle to the airport, check in our luggage ($60 for two bags, when we wouldn't normally check baggage) then take a taxi or bus into downtown Portland. And taxi or bus back again to the airport. Do we have any other options?
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In my experience most hotel concierge desks will store your luggage for you for a small fee and a nice tip even if you're not staying there. Might be worth calling some of the nicer hotels in the area around where you'd like to explore and see if they would do this for you?
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I have used an app (Luggage Hero, IIRC) like those on this list to check luggage at a restaurant in NYC. Not sure about coverage in Portland, but it worked seamlessly in NYC.
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Avoid making an unnecessary trip to the airport! The piers where cruise ships dock are right adjacent to the tourist areas, and going to the airport and back will take you like an hour. There are a couple of hotels within a block or two of the piers that would probably accept your luggage. If none of them are game there's also a hostel nearby (Black Elephant Hostel) which holds luggage for people who are staying there - if you booked the cheapest bed there and didn't stay it still would be cheaper than checking bags plus it would save you that hour of travel back and forth to the airport.
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I'd get to a hotel nearby and ask the concierge can they store your luggage for a few hours, and use their airport shuttle. You will of course tip them generously for their services. They should be accommodating if they are not running at capacity.
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When I was in this situation we ended up renting a car - it was not significantly more expensive than hiring rides would have been and it gave us the handy locking trunk so we didn't need to worry about storage. Might be worth seeing what a one-day, airport-drop rental would cost.
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