Current diverse indie hip-hop?
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I listen mostly to current indie-rock, with a bias towards front-women. What's the hip-hop equivalent I might enjoy listening to?

I don't know much about hip-hop, especially not about anything current, but have decided to leapfrog the gaps in my education and seek out cool, current, indie hip-hop.
What artists/tracks do you recommend and why?
Female voices, marginalized groups, non-English, non-U.S., etc., all very welcome.
Not really a fan of reggaeton, latin trap, etc., but my ears are open.
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I'm a big fan of both Rocky Rivera and Dessa.
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I'm a fan of Junglepussy. Her newest album Jp4 is good, as well as her older ones (Satisfaction Guaranteed, Pregnant with Success). She's fun, smart, creative, confident and uses some sounds/techniques that are also used in indie rock.
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Sampa the Great
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I highly recommend Sa-Roc.
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Little Simz is, for my money, the best rapper in the UK right now.

Seconding Sampa the Great

Baloji, although I think he's focusing on his film work at the moment, his back catalogue is great. Belgian-Congolese, raps in French and English.

Other favourites from the UK at the moment (which is having a bit of an Afro-jazz inflected moment in hip-hop) include Loyle Carner and Kojey Radical.
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Ooh, one of my favorite artists fits your criteria nicely. Madame Gandhi is excellent. From an interview with her:

"To me, The Future is Female very much espouses an inclusive ideal. Society is obsessed with the hyper machismo and has built gender as a ranking system as opposed to a true spectrum. We live in a world where insults are often gendered: it’s normal to say, don’t be such a girl and, grow a pair of balls, as if reaffirming the fact that being male is more desirable than being female. When we call for a future that is female, we are calling for a true paradigm shift: the very nature of having something female becomes desirable, trans is welcome, queer is welcome, male is welcome. In a future that is female, we thereby enable people of non-gender-binary identities, queer identities, trans identities to feel safe in their own skin."

My top two tracks are Bad Habits and Top Knot Turn Up
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Dessa and Jean Grae! Also, maybe a bit polarizing, but I do find some Qveen Herby songs catchy.
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Thirding Dessa.
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I’m enjoying iamDoechii
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A few from the past couple years:

BRASS, the 2020 collaborative album between Moor Mother and billy woods - Rapunzal.

Noname - here's Self from her 2018 album Room 25 (and here's Diddy Bop from her 2016 mixtape Telefone).

Tyler, the Creator - here's I Think from 2019's Igor, which admittedly he considers a pop album.
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I really like Ana Tijoux.


La Bala

Rebelión de Octubre
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Teezandos is one of the hardest UK drillers, in my opinion.
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If you can, listen to KEXP's Gabriel Teodros's early morning show or in the archives. He plays amazingly diverse sets of indie hip-hop and r&b. Gabriel's shows are specifically women-fronted, but they're far more diverse than normal commercial radio.

(6/11 is a pledge drive, listen on Monday :) )

I don't see SAULT mentioned upthread. They're prolific and great.
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For real on SAULT! (And thanks for this Ask). Fab suggestions.

Current high-rotation Tinashe's Pasadena
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Response by poster: Great, great answers everyone. Will make a spotify playlist later, if that's your thing.
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It's from 2018, but check out Tierra Whack's Whack World. It's a very strange video, and she probably isn't considered indie anymore, but it's great.

Bandcamp is my favorite place to find music now, so I find something I like and start following tags around to find more that's similar and good.

And probably doesn't exactly fit what you're looking for, but LEENALCHI is my favorite thing to recommend right now.
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Jamila Woods
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Late, but I love hip hop and want to suggest some albums.

Femme, non-binary: Non-English and/or non-United States: Other cool, current, indie hip hop:
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