JavaScript + Python + SQL Course suggestions for tuition reimbursement?
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I realize this will be a series of courses, or a program, as opposed to a singular course. But, my company provides $5,250/year for continuing education, and I'd like to bolster my skills in JavaScript and SQL (for my job) and Python (kinda for my job...but mostly for fun). The only stipulation is that course be "taken at an accredited institution through a nationally-recognized professional training organization, executive education" institution. Any suggestions on courses and/or programs?
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I was thinking Coursera, but not sure about the "accredited institution" part.

I'd pick a couple courses on Coursera (they're pretty cheap) and see if HR would approve them.
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Check out edx too. Their courses are offered mostly by 'nationally-recognized' organizations, like M.I.T.. It appears only some grant university credit for them, but you may not need that? An overview.
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