Chicago to Denver - where to stop?
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I'm planning a road trip with two of our large adult children (aged 24 and 21), which will include a segment from Chicago to Denver. We're not likely to do lots of Roadside America stuff en route but we'd like to stop overnight somewhere that would have potential for decent food and maybe a craft cider. Is that Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln? We're all fully vaxxed.
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Last time I made that run I stopped for the night in Kearney, NE and had dinner at Thunderhead Brewing. It was pretty good.
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North Platte Nebraska is a fair bit closer to Denver than Chicago but it’s where we stopped last we made the drive. We had dinner at Pals Brewing Company which had some great food and drinks.
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Check out and see if there are any breweries in Old Market in Omaha?
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Ole's Big Game Bar in Paxton, Nebraska. Ole was a big game hunter in the 30's and 40's, and the place is full of his hunting trophies. That...may or may not be your thing, but it's a fascinating place to visit.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - appreciate your help!
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Best answer: Omaha's about the halfway point — I don't expect you'll want to stop any sooner.

Omaha is delightful (I'm biased...I live here) and has just what you're looking for. Great food abounds. Here are some neighborhoods around the center of town with good spots for earing and drinking, to help narrow your search: Blackstone, Old Market, Benson, Little Italy/Little Bohemia, Dundee. Happy to recommend specific places for your taste and budget -- send me a note. Practically anywhere will have local ciders or other interesting drinks.

In the suburbs, there is a stretch of breweries that might tickle your fancy. Kros Strain, Pint Nine, Nebraska Brewing, and Lucky Bucket are all within about 1 mile of each other. The first two are literally next door neighbors and share a parking lot. Not sure if they serve food in the tap rooms; they should have some cider.

Along Interstate 80 in Ashland, NE, about halfway between Omaha and Lincoln, is the Glacial Till Cider House and Tap Room. Glacial Till is a terrific local cidrery and winery. Their real home base is in the tiny town of Palmyra, which isn't too far but would be out of your way.

I know less about Lincoln, but you'll find good things there, too. It's only about 45 minutes beyond Omaha. There's a new cider company in Lincoln called Saro; I guess they have a taproom downtown but I haven't been there yet. Their ciders are delicious. The Starlite Lounge in the Haymarket is a unique and fun place.
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