Logitech Mouse that has lots of macro keys but also uses unifying dongle
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I’m looking for a Logitech mouse that has extra keys for macros but still uses the unifying receiver since I’ll be using it on a laptop and want to minimize my number of dongles. Thanks!
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Best answer: I suspect it'll be tough to find - Looking at the currently available lineup, it looks like the mouse I use, the MX Master, still has the most buttons.

It's got 4 programmable buttons and a programmable scroll wheel; one of the buttons can also be used to trigger a gesture mode, with four more actions.

That's not particularly close to what you'd get from a really dedicated gaming mouse, but those will be wired or running on their own receiver, it looks like.
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I'm not sure if this has sufficient buttons, but I'm partial to the Logitech M720. It has sort of a secret extra button near your thumb.
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Logitech G602 has 6 thumb buttons, the 2 "sensitivity" buttons at the index finger, 2 regular buttons, the scroll wheel as a third button, and the scroll wheel left/right as 2 extra mappable functions.


The G604 is probably cheaper to find though. And has more mappable functions. AND it can go either BT or its Lightspeed dongle (which I believe is NOT Unifying compatible, but I can be wrong).

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kschang, Lightspeed and Unifying appear to be different protocols. Indeed, the whole point of Lightspeed appears to be dedicating the entire USB dongle to just one device.
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I have the M590 mouse. Nice comfortable basic mouse. Two buttons near the thumb (I never use them). Works with a unifying receiver. I've used this mouse, and its predecessors, for many years now.
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Best answer: I have the MX Master 3 and love it. It uses the unifying receiver and has lots of buttons.
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@sagc -- that's why I said G604 is probably NOT unifying compatible, and I did also suggested the G602 first.
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