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Hi! With summer upon us and the city reopening, I'm interested in email newsletters about fun things to do in NYC—restaurants, museums, outdoor film screenings, concerts, random free events, you name it. Have any favorites? I'd be grateful if you could let me know. Thanks!
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Nonsense NYC provides what you seek
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I like Nonsense but for someone whose tastes I didn't know well I'd be more likely to recommend The Skint, which collects a broad range of free and cheap events. Nonsense is heavily weighted towards like... experimental art and burlesque shows. Which are great! But there's a definite vibe.
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For concerts, Oh My Rockness.
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No Proscenium has an option to receive an NYC-specific newsletter about immersive theater happenings. I'm a longtime subscriber and they cover lots of cool stuff!
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The Skint. Free and Cheap things to do in NYC every day. Especially good in summer!
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The NYTimes has a newsletter for fun summer weekend things to do.
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