Do I need to eject this USB hub thingy?
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I have recently started using a USB hub thingy (this) so I can attach a wired mouse & external keyboard to my MacBook Air when I'm using it on a stand. Do I need to eject it when I'm done using it? The reason I'm asking is twofold: I don't know if I need to; but also I don't see it appear on my desktop like, say, an external drive would, so I don't know how to eject it. Talk to me like I'm your ancient granny, please.
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I will let other and wiser heads confirm, but I suspect you don't actually need to eject it when you're done using it, unless you need to stick something else in the plug. I have something similar permanently plugged into my work computer at all times and there have been no ill effects.
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Best answer: No; ejecting is generally tied to the fact that USB drives are storage devices, with caching/delayed write/various things. For a mouse and a keyboard, they're appearing as devices on your PC, and shouldn't suffer from being unplugged.

If you plug a USB drive into your hub, for example, it should show up as an attached drive in the way that you're used to.
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Best answer: No need to eject this hub - it's like an extension cord or power strip into which you can plug a lot of things. That it doesn't show up on your desktop is fine and normal. It's basically a 'dumb' device which doesn't do anything.

Now, if you plugged a storage device into the hub (a camera, thumb drive, that sort of thing), it *should* show up like any other attached storage, and you'd want to eject those as usual.
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I leave mine plugged in most of the time and sometimes just unplug it - AFAIK you don't need to eject it but you would want to eject a storage device that you've attached to it.

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There isn't even a command to "eject" a keyboard or mouse - you can plug and unplug to your heart's content
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"Ejecting" USB is only needed for storage devices, as storage is often cached by the OS and "ejecting" is basically the OS flushing the cache (write it all).
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Any hard drives plugged into the hub would need to be ejected but the hub does not. Ejecting a hard drive forces any data to be written and closes the file system so has to not corrupt the data.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'm only using it for mouse + keyboard so I will plug & unplug at my whim!
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