How do I get a 30 year old thesis bound?
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Mr. Darling has his master's thesis in paper form sitting in our closet and I would like to get it bound for him for Father's Day. All of the places I am seeing online have joined the 21st century and ask me to upload a PDF .... which I don't have. Are there any services that can bind the old school paper version?
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You want a local print shop. Possibly a FedEx Office location could do this for you, depending on exactly what you're picturing by "bound", but it's been a while since I've used them.
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What kind of binding are you looking for? It would be extremely easy for them to put in one of those plastic “comb” bound spines at a local print shop or Staples
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Response by poster: I'm looking for something more like book binding.
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There might be bookbinding / rebinding shops that could do this.
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Best answer: MeFite ikahime runs a bindery and conservation business called The Vespiary. You’ll have to mail your manuscript to Montana.

They did a lovely job binding my dissertation.
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Best answer: According to their website, the Grimm Bindery will bind one-offs, using your own paper, and ship them. It was so much easier in the dark ages of 2002!
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Is this the only copy? photocopy it. Stuff happens.
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Any local bookbinder worth their saltpeter will be able to do this.
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I could get you the name of a binder on the UWS of Manhattan, if you MeMail me. No guarantees getting it done by Father's Day though.
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