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I would like to find a service or app where I pick meals and get a grocery list and instructions for prepping the meals on the weekend, so I can cook them very easily during the week. I'd ideally love it if this were connected to a bigger network or program related to health, nutrition, or weight loss. But if it's just one meal plan app, that's helpful too.

How I'd like it to work:
  • Wednesday (or available constantly) get a list of meal options for the following week and choose the ones I want.
  • Generate a compiled list of groceries on Thursday, for a Friday pickup.
  • Easy to change meals if the grocery doesn't have asparagus in stock (or whatever).
  • Get a list of instructions so I can prep the meals on the weekends. (By prep, I mean: measure ingredients, chop all the onions for the week at the same time, etc.) Maybe the ingredients go into one freezer bag per meal to dump into a pressure cooker, maybe into Tupperwares, whatever.
  • Then on weekdays, I would like dinner assembly (e.g. throwing everything into the soup pot) to be on autopilot and take like 5-15 minutes.
Other considerations:
  • Privacy: Just tell me what to shop for. Don't build a profile of my BMI, eating, and activity habits and then sell this to God knows who.
  • Supports menu preferences: Ideally it would let me select Whole 30 or at least cut refined carbs and intermittently also dairy.
  • Easy: I need this system to be super easy. And the recipes, too -- this is me wanting to stop eating frozen burritos and lose 15 pounds, not me trying to become a chef.
  • Cost: Cost is actually not that much of an issue -- I've even considered paying for health coaching. So if the value is there, I'm willing to pay for help to get out of this rut I'm in.
  • No specialty foods: I actually had a health coach pitch me on a program that revolves around their brand of shakes and snack bars. I thought Slimfast shakes etc. were a thing of the past, but even if they're coming back in again, they're not for me.
Thanks so much for any advice you have!
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I used to use this
but it is old (and the developer suggested might be the same) :
Avoid processed food, but I still can't bake without that white sugar.
Raw cane is just not the same.
I need a factory and some "chemical manipulations" involved to make a proper coffee cake.
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I have heard that PlateJoy does most or all of what you are looking for.
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I’ve heard very good things about Cook Smarts. Here’s a video tour showing how it works.
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If you're in a place Jupiter operates, they appear to offer meal-planning with dietary support as part of their grocery delivery service.

I haven't tried it, but recently got a flier in the mail so started looking into them. (Who knew fliers in the mail could still work?)
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I'm currently testing out Jupiter and will report back.
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