Does the radio stream listening app I want exist?
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I would like to be able to turn on “the radio” and have it play whatever on-line stream I have assigned it to play in that time slot. Essentially, I am imagining something that might utilize TuneIn or something else but where I can curate a schedule of streams.

When I try to google this I get scheduling software for broadcasters. I want scheduling software for listeners.

Someone asked AskMe this question back in 2011 but without success.
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I don't know of anything like this off-the-shelf, but how handy are you with software? It seems like it would be pretty easy to stitch this together with, for example, a little Python/Ruby/etc script with a hardcoded list of times/URLs (or a CSV, for bonus configurability) that launches VLC or foobar2000 and loads the designated stream, when you execute it. Not as slick as an integrated app, but it'd get it done.
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For phone or desktop, and which platform? Or for the web (if you're skilled that way)?
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On iOS I think you can do this with Shortcuts and a radio app that supports Shortcuts, like Receiver. The instructions I’m finding online are for setting up Shortcuts for Siri voice commands, but if the app interfaces well with Shortcuts, you should be able to schedule it.
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Seconding Siri Shortcuts if you have an iPhone. If you have a text document or note with a bunch of URLs that would be all you would need. Me mail me if you want & I can set it up for you.
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C Crane used to have CC Wifi Internet Radio that's a physical radio on your counter that can be programmed to access a variety of Internet radio stations. You may still find them on ebay, but it also depends on if your station is supported.

Searching on Amazon shows that this is still a niche with devices from Auna, Como Audio, Grace Link, Ocean Digital, and maybe a few more.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm working on Apple (phone, desktop, etc.) - and I have no programming ability. I will see if I can work things out with Shortcuts and maybe ask for help, mr_roboto, if I don't make progress. Thank you for the offer.

Additional suggestions are still welcome.
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