Cross platform games for girls
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FamilyEntertainmentFilter: I have three pc's, two run windows (one dual-boots XP and Blag linux) and the third is an old PII that runs Fedora. I also have three daughters who all like being on the computer at the same time.

Can you recommend any cool apps or games they might have fun with and would run on both a wussy Linux box and Windows (either natively, via emulation or online)?
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Puzzle Pirates would probably work. It's a very cute Java game where you pillage the open seas by dint of puzzling. Because it's Java, it should work on any OS.

You set sail in various ships (you can own your own, but you'll have to save up for it), and crew the ship with various people and/or NPCs. There are four or five different positions on the ship, including sailing, bilging, and navigating. How well you do in your position affects how well the ship sails and/or fights.

It's very cartoony and fun, not at all serious, and they should be able to all play at once... on the same ship, if they want.

I'm not sure if the P2 will have enough horsepower to run the game... that's the one spot I'd be a litlte worried. Fortunately, you can try PP for free, so check it out.

If they really get into it, the full game has a monthly cost, but the limited/demo version is free. The demo accounts are limited to lower-end equipment, and I don't think they can own a ship, but they can sail freely with other players and enjoy most of what the game has to offer.
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Response by poster: Nope. Too much for the PII. Thanks for the suggestion tho.
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I've never tried it, but...Freeciv?
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