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I have a question about employment background checks.

A company that is interested in hiring me just sent me a background check consent form. I have a question about this: one of my former workplaces went out of business 4 years ago (we all lost our jobs as a result, obviously). In the past, sometimes this job shows up on background checks and sometimes it doesn't. I can't ascertain why it's inconsistent. This job is listed on my resume, and if needed I can provide contact information for my former supervisor there to confirm missing details. I've never been asked to, but that's pretty much all I can offer since the company is totally gone now. My question is, will this throw up a red flag in a background check? It hasn't in the past, but this form I just filled out is way more comprehensive than any background check form I've filled out before, so I'm just trying to be proactive here as I don't want to give the impression that I lied on my resume. Can anyone shed some light for me on this? Thanks.
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Best answer: Short answer: no.
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Best answer: It shouldn’t - this happens. A former supervisor vouching should be enough.
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Best answer: I am a manager who does hiring. As far as I know, this shouldn't raise any concerns. Worst case I've ever seen is that HR sees the oddity and calls up the candidate for clarification. It should in nowise affect anything.
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Best answer: Some of the newer background check services - which this one probably isn't since you've been given a consent form and not a link to go initiate the check online - have a place where you can make note of known oddities. If this isn't that kind you can always send the form back with a note that you know this happens and to let you know if it comes up.

But that's data that very few people care about (as long as this isn't a security clearance thing) and if all your other employment history matches I personally wouldn't even ask about it.
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Best answer: Even if a corporation or company dissolves there are all sorts of records left behind.

Besides, most of the so-called background check really checks you for criminal and civil lawsuit records, and/or drug convictions and maybe your credit score, that sort of thing. Former jobs, IIRC, are only sometimes verified.
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