Convert extreme fisheye video to equirectangular?
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I have a Kodak PixPro SP3604K. Two of them, actually. How do I make the video that they produce (which is a 1:1 ratio MP4, kind of like an extreme fisheye - a distorted circle with the horizon around the edge) into something that is useable in, say, Premiere?

Best case is that there is some utility that will convert the video into, like, VR video, and then let me point the "frame" to the part of the video I actually want to see.

The camera itself seems to be from 4 or 5 years ago, and the software that you can download from the website seems like it is 20 years old and is effectively unusable. What can I do to make these cameras give me what I want?

Possible complications: I am dumb and cheap. I DO have Creative Cloud, and am a mac user.
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a PDF.

How to de-warp 180 degree or 360 degree fisheye video with ffmpeg? - Stack Overflow.

Is there a fisheye or dual fisheye to equirectangular filter for ffmpeg? - Stack Overflow.

FFmpeg Filters Documentation for v360.

Depends on your definition of hard. Something along the above lines would turn it into a regular old video (no VR stuff). No clue about apps that do that.

(as per ususal, just append 'ffmpeg' to a question about video.)
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With this sort of thing you'll probably want to run the original software to de-warp it. Camera software is notoriously bad and out of date, especially for a brand like Kodak, but give it a shot. You might need to borrow a friend's Windows machine and run it on there if there are compatibility issues on Mac.

I would imagine there are some more general purpose tools like the ones zengargoyle notes above, but they may not be exact enough to the specs of the camera to produce a distortion-free image.

Once you have the image out you should be able to put it into Premiere and render a new video from a viewport that you can move around over time. I haven't done it myself but I recall it being possible!
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