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Please give me tips/information/anecdotes about applying to jobs through the MassCareers portal for state-level jobs in Massachusetts.

Any useful information or anecdata at all would be much appreciated. Here are a couple of specific things I'm wondering, but don't feel limited by answering only these questions:

--Do applications usually get sifted through first by an HR person, or do they go directly through to the hiring manager? Is this a situation where an automated screening step searches for literal keywords so it's more important to hit on those extensively than to have a concise, flow-y resume?

--A lot of job postings listed are pretty old. Do these tend to be still genuinely seeking applicants, or is it more likely that the hiring process is stalled out for some reason / someone just forgot to take down the listing after they hired someone?

(Context: I currently have a career in municipal government and have applied for a few jobs before through the portal without getting an interview, but each of these were roles that would have been a slight stretch so I'm not sure I can conclude yet that I've been doing something wrong.)
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