I need an online Time Management course that is practical
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I have identified that some of the people I line manage at work would benefit from some time management training. I have some funding for this, but am having trouble finding well reviewed, work-focussed training.

I don't want 'project management' training as something like Prince2/Agile training is overkill in this case, and decent courses cost A LOT here in the UK. I found a course on Coursera but some of the reviews have me thinking that it could be quite 'fluffy'.

If you know of a course about time management/workflow management that would be good for adults that are good at their main job but need a bit of help thinking about how to manage tasks, especially multiple commitments, and focusses on work rather than 'life in general' please let me know! I am specifically looking for online courses, rather than recommendations of books/blogs/podcasts.

(I have seen this post but it is out-of-date, and I am based in the UK)
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I took a required Franklin Covey class for my first real job out of college. I hated it with a burning passion, so much so that I convinced the company to stop requiring it. As painful as this is to admit, the class was pretty helpful and I think about it when I get overwhelmed with stuff to do. This was a long time ago so I don't know what their courses are like now but the class was super practical at the time. I'm sure you could find an expert to come teach your team.
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I vaguely remember attending training organised by this company: Think Productive (UK-based) and that was actually useful
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I can't recommend this guide enough:


Ask your people to follow this guide to the letter. It's well written, and each time I don't take its advice I later regret it. It's so satisfying to manage your outlook better. It's the only training that has helped with effectiveness.

Next, review priorities early and often with regular check-ins.
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The Franklin Covey course above is pretty solid and reputable. It's not entirely work focused but mostly so. They do try to sell you their planners to go along with it and can be a bit cult like but they're not compulsory (and their planners are good). I did the course years ago and like JuliaKM above when I find myself overloaded I will often fall back on stuff I learnt there and I find myself using their prioritizing methods almost daily. They offer a range of courses but you can pick one that focuses just on time management.
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Best answer: I have taken Time Management Fundamentals by Dave Crenshaw on LInkedIn Learning. It has been life-changing and focuses on work (although it applies equally well for life in general). He has some other courses (like Finding your Time Management Style) that might also be helpful - given what you've described.
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