Hanging guitar hooks
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My son has three guitar hooks to hang, but I don't trust those little plastic anchors they included. What kind of boards and screws do I need to mount a plank across studs and put the hangers on it? (This thread put the fear of God into me!)

I assume that a standard 3/4"-thick 1"x6" plank will be enough for a ukelele, an acoustic, and one electric -- maybe a dozen pounds, maximum.

Aside from four screws for the plank, I would like to avoid putting extra screw holes in the wall (from the hangers' screws that pierce the plank). Can I use wood screws that are 1-1/2" long (i.e., the thickness of the hanger plus the thickness of the plank)? Or do I need long ones that chew up the drywall?

I will use long screws through the plank and the drywall and into the studs -- probably 2-1/2" wood screws -- not drywall screws.

Thanks for any advice!
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I just wrote a whole thing about toggle bolts and then read that you'll be screwing the plank into the studs.

I think you'll be fine with the 1 1/2 inch screws into the plank. Longer ones will only go into the drywall where they will find no purchase anyway.
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Nope, you just want the hanger > plank screw to get maybe 2/3 of the way into the plank, for which a 1x6 should work just fine. If it’s more than 32” long (seem like it would be for 3 instruments?) I’d screw it into three studs, not just two, but you probably only need one screw per stud.
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From the thread I don't think the poster used long enough screws. They were likely the ones that came with the anchors but the poster didn't take into account the length of the wood and the screw didn't end up having enough engagement with the anchor and popped out.

The easiest option would be to just screw the hooks directly into the studs, provided that the screws are long enough to go deep into the studs.

If you're for sure going to screw the board into studs I would insert t-nuts into the back of the boards and then screw the hooks into those. If it works for climbing holds it'll be more than enough for a guitar.
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From the thread I don't think the poster used long enough screws

Agree with that. Those screws are super short. I'd be surprised if they even touched a stud through the drywall. And they don't seem to have drywall anchors or anything either.
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Best answer: Assuming at least a #8 screw for both board attachment and hanger attachment you will be perfectly fine. Four #8 screws sunk 1.25" sunk into studs will hold a couple hundred of pounds in shear easy. Using a #10 wood screw for the stud attachment would be even better.

PS: US and Canadian electrical code assumes fasteners won't extend more than 1.25" into studs. You don't need the increased pull out strength that a longer screw would provide so their isn't much need to go longer than that.
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