Help me find good eyeglasses lens cleaning solutions?
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I currently use Zeiss pre-moistened wipes, and have done so for about 8 years. I've noticed the quality had gone downhill, though; most wipes aren't as moist anymore, so my eyeglasses lens don't get a proper, good quality cleaning for the most part, on the first try. Recommendations would be appreciated!

I know not to use my shirt sleeve to wipe my eyeglasses, and I also don't feel comfortable using a microfilter cloth without some kind of cleaning solution (don't want scratches). My lens are anti-scratch/anti-reflection, so I'm trying to figure out a gentle solution that won't damage the coatings, and does not leave streaks. I can't emphasize this enough; I've tried Lenscrafters', MyEyeDr's spray cleaning solutions, and they leave annoying streaks all over. Zeiss is the only cleaning solution, so far, that I've found does not leave streaks (at least, their wipes; haven't tried their spray solution, if any, yet).

What I want is eyeglasses that look pristine and are easy to clean, without leaving scratches. Zeiss gets the job done, but not as well or easily as before. I could try DAWN cleaning soap and water, but don't want to risk rusting the frame/screws.

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I use dish soap and dry with a clean, cotton cloth dishcloth that I launder with no fabric softener. I wash my glasses every morning. I keep wipes for occasional smudges away from home (I use wipes once a month or so), but starting clean every day is usually enough.

I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and have never had lens damage from cleaning or any rusting or discoloration.
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I’ve found that the quality of the microfiber cloth makes a huge difference for getting rid of streaks. A good cloth and the free solution from the eye doctor works well for me. Finding good cloths can be hit-or-miss, but the ones that Tim Bihn sells are really good.
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Flent's (which I buy at costco) are almost too wet, but they are softer and cheaper the the Zeiss wipes. You are not alone, I feel like the zeiss dry out in the middle of cleaning the first lens. With the Flent's, I clean my classes, phone, and keyboard (in that order) and they are still wet.
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A couple years ago I bought a small spray bottle of Zeiss, which worked fine, but when I ran out I just filled the bottle half way with rubbing alcohol, then topped it off with distilled water and added 4 drops of Dawn dish soap. Each morning I wash my glasses using Dial foaming soap and my bare fingers, then I spritz the lenses with the mixture in my Zeiss bottle and gently dry my glasses using a clean white cotton handkerchief.
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Rubbing dirty lenses will eventually scratch them if the dirt ever includes for example sand or grit. Nothing beats cleaning with dish soap and water. Just pat them dry after with a clean soft cotton cloth. Dry the screws and frame as well if you worry about rust, but I've not experienced rust so far.
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We get the Target / Up + Up brand lens wipes, which seem to thread the needle of staying wet longer than Zeiss but not being drippy like Flents.
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I use hot hot water when possible with or without dish soap. The hot hot helps make sure it just evaporates away and doesn't go rusting something. Otherwise, I do the 90% isopropyl and a microfiber cloth usually straight from the bottle, I'd put it in a little spray thingy if I really needed it that much on the go. Maybe try and check what ingredients are in the 'official lens cleaning solutions' to make sure whatever you choose isn't going to dissolve whatever coatings you have, the rest is probably just having a gentle touch.
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Industrial safety supply places will have uvex glasses cleaning sprays in aerosol pumps and lint and scratch free disposable cloths. $15 and you are set for a year of twice daily cleanings. They are also generally Anti fog though IME that's mostly a lie.
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I use the Costco lens cleaning spray (which comes with free refills) and white cotton handkerchiefs (which I wash after every use).
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I bought this alcohol-free spray solution a little over a year ago - at the time it was only the 2 8-oz bottles along with cleaning cloths, I use it to refill my existing small spray bottles. I'm not even halfway through the first 8-oz bottle yet. Does a fine job.
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Second Flents. I clean my daughter's glasses, my glasses, my husband's glasses, and my cell phone screen with a single sheet each morning.
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