Plug and play windows webcam?
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I need a webcam for my work windows 10 laptop to use as an external setup at home with my big monitor. The work laptop can’t have any software or drivers installed without a lot of paperwork and I’m new to windows, used to macs without drivers. Is there a way to find a (cheap) webcam that can just plug in?
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At the start of the pandemic, I bought this camera, and it's exactly as easy as "plug and play". It's a USB connection, and it just works, no driver or secondary software needed. It works automatically with most of the major streaming meeting services. I haven't used it with Teams, because I work at a place that runs all Google, but I've used it with Google Meet, Zoom, and WebEx without any issues, and I have no reason to assume Teams would be problematic for it either.
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Best answer: Anything Logitech should have ready and pre-approved drivers.
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I bought my Anker webcam and it didn't need drivers. So going with Logitech would probably be a good bet.

Keep in mind that you need to re-select the camera (video source) from within the program so it'll pull video from that. Windows isn't smart enough to recognize and "switch" the setup for you.
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Best answer: Microsoft LifeCam for maximum compatibility. I have one, works great, better than the random Chinese brands I’ve tried. I don’t care for the widescreen view many of those give you.
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Best answer: I have a Logitech C920 and it works fine in Windows 10 without drivers. Nice quality too.

(IME the vast majority of webcams support USB video and therefore don't usually need drivers.)
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I got this Lenovo webcam that didn't require any drivers on Windows or macOS. Supports Windows Hello too.
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I am using my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) as a webcam with my Windows 10 desktop, via the Iriun Webcam app. I installed the app on my phone. There is also a small program you're supposed to install on the PC. Maybe that would be a dealbreaker in your case.
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Response by poster: Thanks - I ended up getting the second-cheapest Logitech. If for some reason it doesn't work, I'll try the Microsoft webcam instead.
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