Help with paint colors for garage exterior
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My home and garage has a 3-tone (very boring) color scheme: brown, cream, and forest green. I'm looking to add in a 4th color as an accent for the street-facing garage door but I can't land on a color that goes with the 3 that I'm already using.

Here is a color scheme with the top 3 colors the brown/cream/green that is already in place. The bottom 3 colors are recommended by the color calculator as potential accent colors, but I don't really like any of them that much.

If it helps, the main structure of the garage is brown and the trim is cream and there's a 2-story ADU attached to the back of the garage that is green siding and visible from the street.

My garage door is currently painted green but it's a clashing, faded version of the green that the siding uses and it looks terrible. I could just paint it using the same green that the siding uses but I'd really like to introduce another color for variety and interest. I welcome all suggestions.
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You might experiment with an orange, maybe in the terra cotta range?
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Oh wow those auto generated colours are truly terrible. You have a nice palette of natural warm colours going, so how about a brick red?
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I'd go with bright orange, turquoise, or ruby red. I think what you've got there is so neutral you should just pick your personal favorite color and go bright with it.
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Best answer: Yes... I was thinking in the direction of red, as well. Playing around with that generator, it also gave me this rich ox blood red as a result, which I think would look nice.
Like so
I would advise you to also use that same red in other places, for smaller surfaces, as an accent colour. That makes it look more like it was meant to be there.
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If I put your three colours into the app you linked, I get completely different suggestions from yours (I tried all of the different settings). There are some blues, brick red, and light greens in my three results.
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A pop of red makes sense to me too.
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Best answer: Another color tool you might play with is Paletton:

You can put the hex values of the colors you're working with on the lower left, and play with color relationships relative to the base with the buttons on top. This keys off of the darker brown color and argues for a dark blue in addition to the green you already have.
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My first thought is some sort of red. Brick or terra cotta would work.
Something with a little punch. Maybe a nice deep red.
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Dusky pink.
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Burnt Orange
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I like the lighter green in one of bethnell’s links.
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Orange. My house is cream with dark muted green trim and a slightly lighter muted green garage door. I painted my front door orange. It's HOT.
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Love the red generated above- that palette is very Frank Lloyd Wright, which is probably why I like it.
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