Seeking low-key rock style icons
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I purged a lot of my clothing after a move last year, and I'm going through kind of a wardrobe-and-style rebuild. I'm looking for inspiration along the lines of "low-key lady rock star," maybe with a touch of real-person or middle age to it. Can you recommend some instagram follows or photo sites for me?

I've been super inspired by Mary Timony and Allison Crutchfield, both of whom very definitely look like cool-ass rock stars but with very regular and relatable bodies and faces. They have distinct and fun styles, but they don't look like their full-time job is being fit/airbrushed/perfect with a side of being in a band. The only problem is that honestly they don't post very often, and I would love to add some new inspiration into the mix.

In my personal style I lean much more dirtbag than glam, but I do have an elaborately maintained haircolor and enjoy throwing a fancy shoe, or a vintage dress, or statement sunglasses into the mix here and there. I don't really hang much with a hippie or country aesthetic.

Recommendations don't have to actually be musicians; it just happens that I mostly use Instagram for following bands, so that's what I see. They don't even have to be famous or artists or anything at all, if your friend Susan in Accounting just looks dope all the time that's cool too!

Thanks in advance!
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Some people I follow on IG for a similar aesthetic:

Lou Doiillon
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Michelle Zauner has had some of that vibe for me, however I’m not on IG, so no real link.
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You might type exactly that, "low key lady rock star" into Pintrest and get some good stuff. I'm always aiming (never seem to quite pull it off, alas I chicken out a lot)for that same style, and I find good stuff on Pinterest sometimes.
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Maybe Frisky_Gatos? Her specific style is a little different than the accounts you shared, but she does have a really fun, interesting sense of style. She’s also a normal person in her 30s with a real job. Also, the Instagram hashtag she started (#listen2urlizard) might be a good place to find other folks who have interesting points of view! There are (mostly normal, non-influencer) people of all sizes, ages, and genders who share their outfits using that hashtag.

I found her through the femalefashionadvice subreddit. Someone on AskMetafilter introduced me to the sub, which can sometimes trend a little young, but it’s also worth checking out. I really enjoy the WAYWT (what are you wearing today) threads!
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Carrie Brownstein is iconic and seems to fit your description!
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I like the blogger Sara Watson for this kind of style.
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Maybe Wardrobe Oxygen? Instagram here, she also has a blog. Some of what she wears is probably not your style, but I think some of it may be.
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I would recommend looking up photos/performances of the '90s Kims: Kim Gordon and Kim Deal. They've always basically embodied the low-key rock style vibe and continue to do so! I don't think Kim Deal is on IG but Kim Gordon's is @kimletgordon.
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You might like Brandi Carlile's vibe.
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