iPhone + Magnets?
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Will magnets (like on a small purse or bag) damage my iPhone? When I google, I mostly get sites that sell magnetic iPhone accessories, so I'm not sure whether to believe them.
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My iPhone connects with a mount in my car with magnets. I don’t think they are affected.
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Best answer: Generally most electronics aren’t harmed by everyday strength magnetic fields (like don’t take them in an MRI machine). The main exceptions are magnetic storage media (disks, tape, etc) and old cathode ray tube monitors. iPhones use neither technology and are fine with magnets. Apple sells magnetic iPhone accessories.
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Best answer: And if you would like anecdotal evidence, I've been carrying iPhones around in handbags with magnetic clasps for more than a decade, with no consequences. (My train season ticket, on the other hand, definitely did not care for being stored in a compartment with a magnetic closure. Oops.)
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The iPhone itself contains several magnets, including the speakers, optical image stabilizers for the camera lens, and in newer models the MagSafe connector. The flash memory that's in your phone uses electrical charges to store data and is not affected by ordinary magnets.
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Interference with the magnets in the phone is the only potential issue. I wouldn't be worried about damage from a small, weak magnets of the sort you describe. You may find you need to recalibrate your compass more often, but I don't think there's any practical concern other than that.
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