Removing Particularly difficult sticker from glass
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How do I remove the metallic-style manufacturing stickers from glass shower doors?

Hello Askmefi!

About 2 years ago we installed glass shower doors. Cheap, frameless. But, we are selling the house now, and we really need to get the sticker residue off the glass.

The Glass

This isn't just any gummy sticker resedue, it looks like a thin line of metallic paper, translucent, and perfectly flat. We've tried goo-gone, scraping with a razor, and a few other things. I see recommendations online for hot water (tried it) oil (haven't tried it yet) and rubbing alcohol (tried it I think?)

Anyone have experience removing weird metallic-ish sticker residue from glass?

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Best answer: Goo Gone - I have had more success making a kind of poultice with paper towel soaked in Goo Gone and leaving it there for an hour (or more). You might get creative making a kind of pocket out of (easier-to-remove) tape to hold in the towels and liquid, but honestly it's going to drip. If you can safely take the door off and leave it prone for this it would probably help.

I'm not familiar with that specific adhesive, but Goo Gone doesn't always work quickly, and a vertical surface would probably make it more tricky.

Honestly, if it were me, I'd contact the manufacturer and see what they recommend.
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Best answer: Have you tried acetone / nail polish remover?
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Best answer: My mom taught for 40 years and swore by two products to remove any manner of terrible things that children do to their school desks: Goo Gone and Oops. If one didn't take it off, the other would.
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Response by poster: My wife just tried rubbing alcohol after I read her this post and it worked great!
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Best answer: That's so irritating! Like amtho said, leave the Goo Gone on there for as long as possible. You could also try a lye-based cleaner (I have woodstove glass cleaner so I'd use that, but there are lots of options.) Wear gloves!
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Goof Off.
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I’ve had really good luck using vegetable oil to remove all kinds of sticky residue. These days I usually try it before alcohol even, because it’s more pleasant to work with — no fumes and doesn’t evaporate away.
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Razor blade and peanut butter to clean up.
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Heat might help. Do you have a hair dryer you can set on "High"?
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