White squares in Texas
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I was reading something about Freestone County in Texas the other day and ended up looking it up in Google Maps. In the satellite view, the whole area is covered with white squares which seem to be some sort of agricultural thing -- just out of curiosity, anyone know what these are? Maybe some kind of grain storage? Maybe the type of soil there?
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I think it’s oil. Pump jacks and tanks on multiple sites.
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Those look like gravel pads for oil well drills. Once the well is made, only a few small items remain.
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I suspect that they're natural gas rather than oil, given recent trends in Freestone County, but definitely some kind of fossil-fuel extraction.
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Seconding natural gas. Finding ones near highways shows you the pipework. Can't quite make out the security signs on each gate, though
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I spend a lot of time in Freestone County, TX. It's definitely gas wells.
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Check the area around I45 and 75, I guess near Buffalo TX. You can see the giant sand pit the sand from the white squares come from.
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scruss, the gate labels usually identify the gas well lease so the trucks know which fence gate to go through.

The white is what we call around here "caliche". Not sure if it is actually caliche, but that's what it is called. It's what Ed Tom's dad was talking about.
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This is an older article but talks about what was referred to as the Freestone Trend, discussing oil & gas explorations in East Texas. https://www.hartenergy.com/exclusives/east-texas-basin-14639 Johnny Assay had it!
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