Help me identify this experimental film we watched in in college in 1995
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I took a class in Western cinema. We were shown this low-budget, experimental short film about machismo and a boy who is killed in a hunting accident.

A boy goes on a hunting trip with his dad. They are in some mountainous Western forest terrain. Maybe the Rockies. There might have been some sparse dialogue about being a "real man." Or if not, that felt like it was part of the theme of the movie, criticizing the Western myth of being a real man.

Then the boy dies in a shocking hunting accident, when his dad shots him by mistake. The movie then ends abruptly.

All of this was shot in a super low budget way. Anyone remember anything like this? Date-wise it seemed like a movie from not too long before 1995.
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Best answer: Jon Jost's Sure Fire (1990) is not a short film but a feature - it ticks most of your boxes and Jost was considered one of the great independent film makers of that time so likely to turn up on a course. He is better known for his film All the Vermeers in New York.
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Best answer: If it is Jost and you want to see Vermeers, it's on Mubi. One of my favorite all-time movies.
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Best answer: Here is the trailer for Sure Fire
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Response by poster: Thanks! This totally looks like this was what I remember. Apologies for the spoiler.
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If you want to watch it, it's available on VOD, like most of Jost's work:
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