Can you find me Minju Kim's cool glasses?
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I am trying to find these cool frames worn by Next In Fashion winner Minju Kim. Basically horn-rimmed, white on top, gold on the bottom.

I found some that had gold in the middle or were clear on the bottom or grey on top but none like these. I am either using the wrong search terms or I need to go to Seoul to find them but maybe and hopefully, you are better at this than me.
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I don't see an exact match in their online options, but if you happen to be in Philly it would probably be worth stopping by Margot & Camille Optique. Those glasses immediately evoked their style for me. If you aren't in Philly, it might be worth calling them on the phone--they're immensely friendly and helpful.
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Those are cat-eye / browline style frames, try those search words.
('Horn rims' refers to the material, not the shape of the frames)
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These are not such a dramatic shape, but they are white on top, gold on bottom. So are these. These are a little less subtle.
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