What’s a fun name for an organizing business?
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What it says on the tin: Mrs. Skookumsaurus is thinking about starting a side hustle business helping people organize and maybe redecorate their homes. We need a fun name for business cards! Ideas so far are Chaos Control, Think Inside the Box, and Crate Expectations. Think the Good Place style punny names, but nothing embarrassing. Please hope us!
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Shipshape Homes
Sparkling and ShipShape

I also love Inside the Box

Note you want the name to be open to the possibility of redecoration and not just organizing.
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Defeat(Banish, Vanquish, Corral) the Mess (Chaos, Clutter)
Joy Subdivision
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Best answer: Just in case you haven’t seen it, there’s some great professional home organizer company naming advice from The Wrong Kind of Cheese here!
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I just googled “Inside the Box” (and “Think Inside the Box” too) and “organizer.” It’s been taken. Multiple times. May not be the best choice.

This happens when naming bands too. Almost anything obvious is taken. Always

Maybe “Insidr.”
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Miss Organized
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Neat As a Bin
Orderly Fashion
Clean Break
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Organized chaos
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These aren't particularly punny; I just liked the ring they had.

Straighten Up and Fly Right
Everything in its Place
The Stow Away(s)
Neatniks Incorporated
Home, Home Rearrange
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Orderly Fashion

Ooh, I really like this one, because it hints at the dual services of organizing and decorating.
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Best answer: No Judgement

[the people I know who need an organizer the most are too embarrassed]
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Best answer: No Judgement

I love this for organizing or decorating. There are some really sneery interior decorators out there and I would jump at one who made it clear they weren’t going to judge my taste.
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Best answer: Geez, mochapickle, I came in to answer the question, not realizing I'd done so 6 1/2 years ago! Thanks for making me feel useful! :-)

So, yes, everything I said back in 2014 still holds, plus a reminder to check to make sure that name doesn't already exist, not just in your state, but anywhere on the web. (And yes, checking NAPO, especially.) Without even Googling, I know that almost all of these suggestions already exist among my colleagues.

There's already a professional organizing company called Orderly Fashion. There's also an In An Orderly Fashion. And I'm betting there are others I don't know about. There are lots of YourSpace varieties and Miss Organized takes. There's definitely an Inside the Box.

There's also a Neatnik, Ms. Neatnik, and some other neatniklings out there.

There's a company with Professional Organizer: No Judgement as the tag line, but it's more prominent than the company name/domain such that most people will think that's the company name. (Nobody every thinks about my company name because my URL is *my* name, though the company name URL reroutes to the earlier-established my-name URL.)

There are multiple ShipShape varieties, including one of my colleagues with whom I spoke this afternoon.

The Underpants Monster's "Home, Home Rearrange" is the most original I've seen, and it would take into account the concept of "redesign" which is the idea of organizing and designing/decorating by using what's already in the home.

Also, FWIW, I've been doing this 20 years and mentor new professional organizers, so I have some experience when I say: you'd be surprised how little use there is for "business cards." They get tossed or buried. You want something that has an available .com domain name so people can search it at 2 a.m. when they're fed up because they can't find something important.

So again, check my old post that Mochapickle found, and focus on something original to your wife's name/initials as part of the branding. Also, don't spend a penny until you've done your due diligence to make sure the name is unique; I've heard a lot of forced-rebranding horror stories because someone used a trademarked name. You may think that someone across the country won't find out that your little side hustle has the same name, but that's why lawyers get the big bucks.

One last naming thing: cute names are fine, but cute is less important than vivid. People mix things up in their heads, making it harder for them to search. Your wife needs to think about her target audience. Most people who both want organizing services and are able to pay for them are older. (Like, older than I am, and some days I feel ancient.) Joy Subdivision tickles me, but I can guarantee you that most of her target market won't get the reference. Instead, collect these names and let her have fun using them for her blog headlines and social media posts, where if it falls flat from a "Oooh, I get it!" perspective, the text works even when the subtext doesn't

One last non-naming thing. OP, I don't know your wife, so this isn't personal. A lot of people who are organized expect that that skill will make them good at running an organizing business. I could write an encyclopedia about why that's a problem. Professional organizing isn't about moving the stuff around; it's not about tidying. Organizing, particularly residential (as opposed to business) organizing, is about the client's psychological underpinnings so much more than the merely tangible. I strongly urge you to suggest to your wife that she avail herself of training via NAPO, or to at least visit (probably via virtual meeting) the NAPO chapter nearest you, which if your profile is accurate, would be NAPO-Michigan. Good luck!
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"Pro Control" may be a bit too generic. I was thinking it stands for "Process Control", but also you're a pro to control the chaos. :)
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Oh, now I want her to name it Clutter Avenger. Or add that as a tagline on the business card/ website.
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