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I need help with a small code item which I had at IE but cannot get to work at Firefox

Some time ago, a person helped me by putting this up for me to use. I would get properties of a photo and put in the two lines (pasted in each) and I would get a photo, a bit smaller than the origian and on my server, which I could paste to my site.

I also had

This made a smaller photo from properties, abut the size of a thumbnail but not a thumb.
When I moved from IE browser to Firefox, only the first one (larger [pictures) worked. I would like to get the small one to work to save steps when posting to my site, but I have no tech background and so need not only the code (or whatever it is called) but also someone to write up the code so that I can copy and install.
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Response by poster: Well, I proved that I am indeed a dummy! I figured out that what I posted was simply what appears on my address bar when I go to paste in Image and/or Thumbmaker...

Those appear on links bar, and I open them to paste in Properties of photo. Somehow, each is setup so that they produce smaller photos of original and shift photo onto my server. By using that item(s), I cut out the trip to MY Photos, Download to Desktop>>put into Irfan--Upload onto my site. And that is big timesaver since I post lots of pics daily.
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Both links seem to work fine for me in Firefox. They generate an A HREF pointing to something, wrapped around an image... either the image straight through, or a downsized version.

So you're saying tha the first link works for you, but the second link doesn't? They look identical, except that the second link is massaging the image a bit before it spits it back out. So I'm confused about why it wouldn't work.... how do your results change between the two links?

I think you're implying that the photos go somewhere when you use this linkmaker thing. I can't tell what's happening from here... there's no way to see the script.

(You may have a GuessThisGame.jpg and/or .png file on your server now, as that's what I was testing with. You can safely toss it. :) )
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Crap, hit post too soon... ok, I see that it's uploading the files into your 'big' directory, and that seems to be working fine.

You'll have to be clearer about whatever isn't working, I fear.
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Response by poster: Dear Malor:
the problem: Image maker makes one size picture; thumbmaker made a much smaller size picture...I would use the small one for posting a lot and then link to site I found photo at for more photos. But now no photo shows up at Thumbmaker but Image maker does continue to work. Alas, the pics there are too big in most cases.
You can readh me at Postroad[at] if this will help.
Thanks for your help and patience.
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