How to display "no event" days on Google Calendar
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I use Google Calendar's Schedule view on my iPhone. In this view, days with nothing scheduled simply don't appear.

It's very annoying when I think something is happening tomorrow but it's two days from now because the intervening days are missing. There's no bar or indicator that days have been skipped.

Is there any setting or workaround to display the empty days in Schedule view? I don't want to use a different calendar app because I need to also see Mister Joleta's calendar along with my own. Plus, I don't need to multiply apps.

This is not a problem on my Mac, where I use the Month view and can see empty days.
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you could create a year long event called 2021
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I don't know about settings, but I put my morning/evening routine in my Google Calendar as a daily event. That would make sure every day shows up.
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Response by poster: I tried putting in just a dot as a daily event, but it clutters up my monthly view as well. I need an invisible event!
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Have you tried a recurring reminder? Or even one reminder you just never mark completed? I can confirm that it makes a day show up on the calendar when there's nothing else scheduled.
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Another option would be to look at alternative calendar apps that can sync with Google Calendar. I know Outlook on Android shows no-event days on its schedule/agenda view with a "no event" entry and I believe it can sync Google calendars (though I haven't tried it), and there are other calendar apps you might investigate.
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Does "floss and moisturize" at 6am work? It's good to be reminded.
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Response by poster: I really don't want to set a daily reminder, as it clutters up my calendar. I have a different program for reminders and to-dos. If I set a one-time reminder and don't mark it as done, it just moves to the next day. Future no-event days are still missing.
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Response by poster: My workaround: Since I have weekly events on every day other than Fridays and Sundays, I set up a calendar named "No events" with an unintrusive white background. I added a non-ending repeating "No events" event for every Friday and every Sunday, and will remove the event if/when I schedule something for one of those days. Kind of kludgy, but easy to work with once set up.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
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