What thermostat do I need?
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I'd like a thermostat that will maintain a steady temperature, whether that's using the furnace or AC.

Every spring, we have 30 degree swings in temperature where we're using both the furnace and AC, depending on time of day. Is there a thermostat that will switch on either system to heat/cool the house automatically? Do I need a "smart" thermostat?
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We have a Nest thermostat. It has heat mode, cool mode, and heat + cool mode -- that one is perfect for days with big swings like that.
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Best answer: Nest will do it, any modern thermostat will do it but don’t expect any thermostat to keep the whole house in a 2 degree range all day long. For energy savings purposes all thermostats will require a few degrees between the heating and cooling set points.
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Best answer: Smart thermostats will do this, but you don't need a smart thermostat. "Heat and cool" or "Auto" mode is not in every cheap thermostat, but it's in a lot of them. Here's an example. As GuyZero has said, a good thermostat should prevent you putting the two temperatures too close. Doing so will stress the HVAC system. You'll need to set them at least 3 degrees apart, possibly more.
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Response by poster: Ah, got it. Thanks everyone. I guess our current thermostat is too basic to have that function.
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