NPR member station schedule aggregator?
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I’m looking for a site that can show me a grid of what’s currently playing and/or up next on many/all of the NPR member stations in the US. My reason is that I often want to be able to find/listen to that weekend’s new episode of something like This American Life streaming (before it’s released as a podcast Sunday night), but at a time that’s convenient to me/earlier than my local station.
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Best answer: The site Public Radio Fan does exactly what you're looking for. Here's the page for This American Life.
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Best answer: Also my friend tells me you can listen to stuff on the WBEZ app any time between when it first airs on WBEZ and something like a few days later. So you can listen to This American Life any time after it airs Friday.
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Related question for anyone who knows - are these schedules published as Internet Calendar Standard files? These will often be liked to with 'add to your calendar' icons, many if not most calendar applications support them.
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Response by poster: Amazing, thank you both! This one was really hard to google successfully for some reason.
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