Exporting select pages as a PDF in new version of InDesign
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Why is it when Adobe upgrades software they do away with what was an easy process or preset before? Ugh.

I won't go into detail as to what I could do in the past but right now in the new version of InDesign, I need to export just a set sequence of pages as a PDF -- rather than the entire 100-page project.

Any Adobe mavens here?
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On Windows, you can print Microsoft Print To PDF. The are other print utilities with the same feature.
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What's not working for you? I'm on version 16.1 on a Mac. (I think there might be a 16.1.2 out now.)

File>Export>Adobe PDF>save> Then type in a page range.

Does it work as a Print PDF? Does it work as an Interactive pdf? Can you do one page, but not multiple pages?

If you're on deadline and it just won't work, you can always remove the extra pages in Acrobat, but I see no reason why you can't specify the pages you need in InDesign. This is a basic function that surely hasn't been removed. If you've used Numbering and Section Options, and have some weird prefixes on the pages, there are ways around that. Another possible fix for you.

Or if something in the program has corrupted, you can always trash and rebuilt your preferences. A quick internet search will give you the instructions for how to do that on your machine.
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This process hasn't changes in years/many versions. So if you're not able to do what you could do in the last version, something is wrong. Are you not able to do what you need to do following the process hydra77 outlined?
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Response by poster: Oy.

I think I had some kind of amnesia moment post my second vax stab. I forget I had to make a choice of PDF (to print) and then THAT launched a prompt that allowed me to define page spans. After doing File >save etc.

Thanks all! 😩
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