Proxy shipping from Japan to US
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I would like to purchase something from a boutique in Tokyo, and have it shipped to me in the United States. My clumsy translation of the website suggests they don't take US credit cards or ship outside of Japan. How can I best make this happen?

Is a proxy service the thing I need? If not, what kind of service do I want to search for, and do you have one you can recommend?

Time isn't really a factor; basically I'd be happy if I could get this thing by Christmas. Cost is also not a huge factor, though obviously it should be cheaper than literally flying to Japan from the US and picking it up myself.
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Best answer: I’ve had good experiences with White Rabbit Express. It is a proxy service. They can handle the entire shopping and shipping experience for you.
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I like Zenmarket, though I haven't used them for a year or so.
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> My clumsy translation of the website suggests

Translator here. If you'd like a second opinion, I could take a look at what the website's options are...
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Best answer: Japan doesn't seem to like selling outside of Japan for many things and, proxy services are the way to go. I used White rabbit express when I did this recently. But there are many companies with different price points and services . The weight and how many things you are ordering can make a difference in terms of which proxy price comes out the best deal for you .
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Just will second that I had a positive experience with zenmarket 2 years ago. The price seemed very reasonable and it arrived rather quickly, as I recall.
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I have used Zenmarket and Buyee and both worked well, fees around $10. Shipping is actually super quick right now since DHL is the main option for Japan to US (still some COVID shipping restrictions). Shipping for a small ish item was around $20 and it came in two days!
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I've also used White Rabbit Express and had no problems.
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