Sending documents to SSA - return envelope?
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I changed my name - yay! I need a new Social Security card - boo. I'll be sending them my passport and a birth certificate. Do I need to include a stamped return envelope?
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Best answer: No. They would say so on the form. Towards the end of the SS-5 form it says "your documents will be returned to you" and if they wanted a stamp, they would ask for one.

If you go in person, they just look at your documents, make a copy, and hand them back to you right there.
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Response by poster: Thanks, blnkfrnk!
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I don't think Social Security offices are open yet. source My impression from talking with them a few months ago was that they were not picking up mail or documents left in their drop boxes, so you may want to call them before sending your passport.
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