What kind of binder do I need?
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I am looking for a binder in which to keep a bunch of things related to a certain subject. I wish I had the one I had in seventh grade because it was perfect. What I’m looking for:

- I would like if it zipped up but not a must. Instead of just hanging open
- Must have 3 ring aspect
- Pocket for papers on at least one side of the binder
- organization area - a slot for pens and pencils and other little things, little zippered or other pockets, keychain maybe, etc.
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You can also buy a lot of accessories (zippered pockets, etc. ) made to fit on the three rings of a binder that can be added to a binder. Search for "binder accessories ".
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Mead has a couple; these have exterior pockets/pouches.
Zippered binders at Staples.
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A key word that would be helpful for you is 'portfolio'. These are some that I think would work great, but a search for "zippered portfolio binder" will show you many more on Bezo's website.
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The stores will start having a wider selection for you to choose from when they start stocking for back to school, probably sometime in July. You'll probably have more choice than you know what to do with then!
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Check out the Case-it Mighty Zip binders (I bought mine at Staples) - I bought one for organizing Girl Scout troop stuff and it's perfect - plenty of room for documents, and lots of extra space for keys, cookie money, basic first aid stuff, etc.
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