Is there a name for this corporate art style?
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At this point we've all heard of Corporate Memphis. But recently I've been noticing a distinctive style of illustration popping up on what I guess I'd describe as neo-finance sites--it's sort of like, um, if Moebius illustrated Ayn Rand. Examples: The sign-in page; Does it have a name? Or is it the work of a single artist/design firm?
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It certainly bears a lot of resemblance to ligne claire style, made famous by Tintin.
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I can't help much with design language, but if it helps with the search the Ethereum website has a page crediting the different artists.
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Best answer: Thanks to ZaphodB, I found that Liam Cobb is the pen behind both those illustrations. Good eye! And agreed about Moebius.
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If you enjoy this style, I am reminded of one of my favorite illustrators, Guy Billout, who makes wry and delightful jokes out of visual scenes.
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