Timeline of technology from 1980s
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Fellow technophiles, I seek reputable sources of dates of introduction (and retirement if relevant, e.g CDs) of popular information & communication technology.

I have access to a university library but prefer online sources (including scholarly articles) so I can stay home. Feel free to consider the following as popular information & communication technology: popular websites, computer games, medical technology, apps, social media sites, digital currency... anything really.

Double points if the source includes negative or positive impacts on users (particularly children & young people) like bullying on social media, easier access to pornography, assistive technology like speech to text.

(I'm working on a diagram for a book but the 30ish resources I have don't have the breadth of information I would like).

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Are you familiar with the site worldradiohistory.com? It is something of a treasure trove. I imagine that, for example, scans of Personal Computer World magazines would be useful to your search, but there is lots and lots to explore on the site.
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Best answer: The online arm of the Computer History Museum is pretty good too.
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Best answer: It's probably not as detailed as you are after, but the Museum of Obsolete Media is very thorough,
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