Can i drive her car?
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Tomorrow me, my girlfriend, and her dad are going tp pick up my girlfriends new car. She hasnt passed her test yet, so i'll be driving it back. Ive been driving for 6 years, never had an accident, and have fully comp insurance. Can I legally drive it?

(I'm in the UK, just so ya knows)

Her dad is driving us both there, and me and my girlfriend will drive the car back (and he drives back on his own, with us following). Before we can do that though we need to go to a post-office and get it taxed. Then we should be good to go.....right?

I believe she will be insured on it as well before tomorrow, but i cant say for sure.
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Most UK insurance policies give third-party coverage for driving cars owned by others. Just check your policy.

How are you going to tax the car if you're not sure whether she'll be insured by then? To tax your car, you need your tax renewal notice or V5 (the log book), a valid insurance certificate for that car, and a valid MOT certificate. Don't even think about trying to get tax if you don't have all of them. The dude/dudette at the Post Office will just calmly consume your soul.

Also, if you can't get tax, don't drive it on the road. Not even for a minute. There's lots of cameras around, and if they zap you, the DVLA can confirm instantly whether you're legal.
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MOT is not needed if the car is under three years old.
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True, gfrobe. My main point was the insurance. No tax without an insurance certificate for that car.
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Why don't you call your insurance company and ask?
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Response by poster: Update: Turns out my insurance policy doesnt actually cover me. However, I found that out today, after driving her car back yesterday.

She can still practice in it with me in the car as well though. Im just worried how it'll strain our relationship if I start giving her lessons :)
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