Shamanic journey interpretation
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I know this may not be the right crowd for this question but I also know there's a woo minority here. I'm looking for resources that one can use to help them interpret and digest the description of a shamanic journey made on their behalf. There tends to be rich imagery, metaphor, etc in these experiences similar to dreams.

I got a shamanic journey done for myself, and the description of what the shaman saw and did is raising a lot of questions for me. I did a debriefing with the practitioner but I suspect the deeper wisdom has to come from within myself not him. Wondering where to find ways to think about this - maybe texts that engage symbol, myth, etc.? Jungian archetypes? Even a resource with a lot of soul retrieval stories - what the shaman saw and the client's understanding of what they saw - could be helpful. Thanks.
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When I took an anthropology course on shamanism (and the department afterwards decided that it was a little too woo), we read James Hillman and Mircea Eliade, I remember, to think about shamanic journeys. Joseph Campbell was also a popular source on these common narrative arcs.

The James Hillman readings were from A Blue Fire. The Eliade was called Shamanism: Archaic techniques of ecstasy.
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Poke around Martha Crawford's site, she might have some resources for you.

Her most recent post is what made me think of suggesting her.
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