Scrabblegrams puzzle & answer archive?
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Looking for a site that posts daily Scrabblegrams and answers for previous puzzles.

Dozens of newspaper sites post comics and such, but what about word puzzles like this and Jumble? Actually just looking for the answers to March 26, 2006's Scrabblegram, but I figured there would have been a site with current puzzles and previous answers to browse -- which would be better.
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The Winnipeg Free Press has some Scrabblegrams with some previous answers... but it looks kind of erratic. They have it for some days and the answers for some days, but it looks to me like there's not really a pattern. No answer for Sun, March 26th.
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I just emailed you an invitation to beta test a website I'm working on of word games similar to Scrabblegrams. Feel free to email or IM me (via my profile) if you have any questions or suggestions about the site.
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