Strange transaction from Google Cable/Rad Support
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Looking at my recent bank statement, I received a refund from this merchant: GOOGLE*CABLE TV OR RAD SUPPORT.GOOGLCA. I've never heard of this entity before and a google search was not productive. I presume 'CA' stands for California and not Canada, but I could be wrong.

I tried contacting Google but they could not give me additional information. I would dispute the transaction, but it is a refund, not a charge. Does anyone have any idea what this is? I am concerned that this is some type of fraud scheme.
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Do you have YouTube TV or any other service from Google?
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Best answer: The formatting of the Merchant ID ("GOOGLE*theirname" then contact for Google) suggests it's a third-party billing through Google Pay or similar merchant service. Do you have a Google Pay account linked to that bank/card account? It does sound fraud-y like someone is probing to find out if people have a linked wallet or not, or are trying to add stolen credit card info to a new fake account to try and spend from it, and the refund is just an overture to see it if goes through. I would contact your bank or card issuer and let them know the transaction is unexpected and see what they say. They may change your card number as a standard precaution, though, so consider that you might end up needing to update any automatic bills etc. even if it turns out to be nothing.
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Best answer: When Google Hangouts closed, Google issued a refund for any credits still in the account. I got a few bucks back last month, the refund showed up as coming from "GOOGLE *SERVICES".

Is it possible you had a balance in Hangouts, Google TV or some other recently retired product?
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If you have Google Fiber, they used to bundle Fiber with TV. They've since moved the service to Youtube TV, IIRC. So this may be a refund from that.
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Best answer: Google made me put $10 on my hangouts account to be allowed to call landlines with VOIP 3 years ago, even though it never charged for the calls, and that $10 was returned to me just the other day!
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Response by poster: Mystery solved -- I was notified that I would receive a refund from Google hangouts sometime back. Thank you everyone! Looks like my account wasn't compromised after all.
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