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I've transfered some mp3s from one hard drive (windows) to another (Linspire), and dang it, the titles are all messed up ("09thel~1", "lostbo~3", etc). Can I redo the transfer or do I have to fix all brazillion titles manually (unpossible)? Thanks.
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I don't know about retransferring, but the lovely people at have released a Linux version of their automatic tagging software that might do the trick for you.
take a look here
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what operating system are you using to do the transfer? Can it read the long file names of the windows drive properly? Can it read the destination drive properly?
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What antifuse said. What did you use to do the copying? Was it over a network?
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Also, which version of Windows? Was it a really old version like Windows 95/98/Me?
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If your music files are well-tagged, then you can use a program to rename the files based on those. I don't know the name of a program to do that in Linux, but I'm sure someone will chime in.

That might be easier then figuring out what went wrong and retransferring them.
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Somewhere within Linspire, something forgot the "-t vfat" command line option when mounting the Windows partition. That enables long file names instead of the MSDOS-style names. The vfat option is supposed to be autodetected, but sometimes it isn't.
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Another option is to zip (or tar) up the file and unzip it on the target platform. Doing this preserves the filenames...
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Easytag is a good Linux program that will rename based on tags.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, your ideas helped me figure out what kind of program to look for. I downloaded a program off CNR (a Linux-program warehouse) called Audio Tag Tool that helped rename some of the files, though not all.

Another problem I have when d-loading programs mentioned above, is that once they have d-loaded, how on earth do I install them? This Linux world is new to me and I'm used to Windows installers. Thanks again.
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