Quotes from interviews, books and pop culture?
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A while ago, there was a site called Quotenik (that has since stopped updating) that featured short thoughtful quotes from interviews, books, articles. It was great! Help me find something like that...

I used to collect quotes I like from all sorts of places--books, articles, sites, etc. and I'd like to start up again. A lot of them came from a site called Quotenik that has since stopped updating. Brain Pickings has been another great one. What other sites might I find thought-provoking short quotes, bits from interviews, segments from novels or other books, philosophy, religion, pop culture, children's books that are not from the usual "inspirational" quotes sites?
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This has also stopped updating, but you can go through what's there: but does it float

The site couples an image series with a short quote used as a title for the images. The source of the quote is stated at the end of each post.

I feel like you might also come across things you want on Open Culture, although maybe not ready-made quotes.

Another idea would be to search for things like "literary quotes" on Pinterest.
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Quote Garden is my go-to. It's a little old-fashioned but still good for perusing, especially, if you have a topic in mind.
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