New Career in the Sex Industry
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Have you ever left a normal job for sex work? Has the pandemic tipped you into cam girl work? Have you started an Only Fans while you still have your resume on Linkedin? Tell me your stories of straddling the regular work-world and that of sex-work. Do you have any regrets? Tips?
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My first tip is to understand that sex work is work. Successful online sex workers hustle really, really hard. I have some friends who thought they were going to embark on lucrative OF side gigs at the start of the pandemic, only to discover that it's tough to actually make money doing it.

A lot of the actual work of online sex work, in addition to producing a continual volume of fresh content, is getting a critical mass of eyeballs on your stuff and then keeping them there. It is difficult, time consuming labor if you want to make a go of it.

My other tip, if you're serious, is to pay an online sex worker for some consulting hours. Some will be game to give you detailed advice on how to get started. They can also talk to you about maintaining boundaries, safety and online anonymity.
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I recommend Yes, a Stripper Podcast and Soldiers of Pole created by the rad AM Davies for both information and ways to connect with sex worker activists who can give you honest answers and great support.
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Everything merriment said.

To make real money you need steady hours and a tailored digital presence. Sure, you can make pocket money here and there, but bagging regulars is an enormous amount of work. Understand that there are loads of niches and you need different skills for each one. Do you want to take phone calls? Do private or public cam shows? Record videos? Mail fetish items? Flirt over text? Sell snapchats? Make hardcore porn? Stream on Twitch in a cosplay outfit? Strip? Burlesque? Full service? Are you a dominatrix? Do you offer erotic coaching? Most likely you'll want several streams of income. Maybe your main hustle is camming but you make custom videos on the side. There are slow months in sex work, the money is never steady. Football games distract your custies, by New Year's everyone's broke, websites shutter all the time, pay processors and social media platforms will ban you. Be prepared. Be tech-savvy and financially literate.

You can be outed no matter how careful you are. Especially on the internet.

Know what you will and won't do, hold that line.

- Read Thriving in Sex Work by Lola Davina

- Explore sex worker twitter and cam forums like AmberCutie's Forums and stripperweb

- If you're into fetish or domination, seek out experts in those fields. There's been an explosion of online mentorship since the pandemic started. It's a great time to learn and a hard time to compete. I'd recommend Alexandra Snow, Amberly Rothfield, Elena de Luca, Justine Cross, Princess Kali, Simone Justice, Eve Minax and Mistress Viola/Natasha Strange of Sub Rosa PDX. Dommesource has a decent overview of clip and cam sites. Kink Academy and Fetlife for classes.
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From my friends in SW, potential clients do not value your time. Be careful of engaging too long with someone not paying for your time. And yes, it is a hustle.
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