How do I sell Dogecoin cryptocurrency in the UK?
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Dogecoin being in the news made me check my old laptop, and it looks like I have about 3900 Dogecoin in a wallet. I would like to turn this into actual money.

I would also like to know what the tax situation is around this. These coins are from 2014, and were mined on my laptop, so I did not spend anything to buy them.
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pretty straightforward steps. You'll need to tell the IRS how much you sold and it will likely all be taxed under capital gains tax. There's no easy loopholes to this right now as far as I'm aware.
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(Seller is in the UK, we should look into HMRC guidance and not US IRS)
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You will need to also look at guidance on how to report any income from mining, and then look back to see if you did so. It looks like coins from mining should have been taxed as other income and I can assume this would be considered the basis when taxing the gains when you sell. So it's important for you to know if you reported your mining income in 2014.
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