Email client for Ubuntu?
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Switching from MacOS to Linux for most of the things I need to do for my work. I was wondering what I should do about email now, though. I was previously using just fine. The annoying thing is that I have to manage Outlook-based accounts, Gmail-based accounts, as well as a Google Workspace account. No idea how that complicates anything, though. I don't need any fancy features like scheduling emails or 'team interaction' and so on and so on. Thanks :)
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Thunderbird is a long supported mail client.
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I have to manage Outlook-based accounts, Gmail-based accounts, as well as a Google Workspace account

IMAP should work for all of those, and Thunderbird supports IMAP just fine (including the use of OAuth2 authentication for systems like Gmail that prefer that). For quite some years now, Thunderbird has done a really good job of configuring email accounts automatically based on the domain part of their email address. There are heaps of add-ons available for it to; if it doesn't seem to be able to do some specific thing that you need it to, there's a good chance that an add-on for that will be available.

Easiest way to get Thunderbird on an Ubuntu box is by looking it up in the Software Center rather than getting it from the Thunderbird web page.
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Thirding Thunderbird. I've moved to Mac from Windows, and like very much, but Thunderbird has always been my go-to mail client otherwise.

However, what do you mean by "manage Outlook accounts"? This usually mean Exchange Server, and you'll need to be sure IMAP support is turned on for the Exchange server (I'm guessing it is, since there's not Outlook client for Linux).

You might also take a glance at Evolution, an Outlook-like client for Linux. It is supposed to allow direct Exchange connectivity via plug-ins.
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